With an expanding team constantly improving three.co.uk bringing consistency to it was key. With that in mind, we conceived Uno, a pattern library.

A team was formed with the leads from UX and dev, along with myself, the design lead. I was responsible for the look and feel of all the elements as well as helping define the processes for delivery, integration and testing.

Based on atomic principles Uno aimed to give us a single version of the truth, one that could be used across any digital experience the Three developed.

To help define the atoms our site needed we started with our key user journeys, looking at common patterns and other site essentials. This was important to avoid wasted effort on atoms that we didn't need, or atoms superseded by other ideas.

Each atom was tested and iterated until we were happy we had the best solution to develop. Once developed we bought several atoms and molecules together to create pages from the user journey. These were our first pages built using the new pattern library.

Screenshot of typography patterns Screenshot of button patterns
Screenshot of the Three store homepage
Screenshot of the Three support page