Three digital vision
Defining the future of experiences

Chris Mount
Creative leader specialising in brand identity, creative direction, experience design, and brand strategy.


Creative Direction
Design Lead
Brand Lead

Three wanted to develop a future vision of their digital products, one that created a better experience for their users and the brand. It was run as a collaborative project between the brand team, the UX team and Three’s branding agency WHAM.

To keep us on the right path we created experience principles. They helped us shape the vision and question each step.

*Do the below but never contradict the first

Focus on the user. Always
Get the basics right
Make it unbeatably easy
Create clarity
Be pre-emptive and proactive
Bring it to life
Push the boundaries


Using the experience principles we developed user stories that followed a realistic, omnichannel experience. They were informed by stakeholder workshops and insight from the live site. This gave a better understanding of user needs for any digital interaction point.


These key digital interaction points were explored and refined across a series of design and UX sessions, each touchpoint a representation of where Three could go. They were brought to life as high fidelity mockups, acting as the inspiration to get Three to this future state.