UCA projection mapping workshop
Sharing knowledge and bringing creativity outside

Chris Mount
Creative leader specialising in brand identity, creative direction, experience design, and brand strategy.

The UCA in Epsom is where fifo began. Founded on a shared love of music and design, with a borrowed Apple G4 and a cheap projector. When we were invited back to run a workshop on live visuals and projection mapping we couldn’t exactly say no.

University for the Creative Arts



Students from UCA’s four campuses came along to see the myriad of ways to create visuals. What to think about when creating them, hint: white backgrounds in dark places make your eyes hurt. And a crash course in projection mapping.

The students created visuals across two days, with fifo on hand to help them develop and realise their ideas. Everything was projected onto the campus library on the last day in an outdoor projection mapping party.


We also hosted a talk for all students. Sharing what we’d done since we left UCA & how we got there. Showing there is life after uni and you can do what you love for a job.